1. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. Bloomington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), is requesting proposals from qualified firms or individuals (Architect) to provide schematic design and design documents for bidding for renovation of the property known as the “Dimension Mill” located at 335 W. 11th Street, Bloomington, Indiana. The Dimension Mill is an approximately 19,000 square foot former furniture manufacturing building/warehouse as further described below.


  1. Scope and Nature. The BEDC and the City of Bloomington are considering the renovation of the Dimension Mill into cooperative working space and related support spaces typical of a modern “coworking” space including, but not limited to, conference rooms, office spaces and restroom facilities as generally described in the programming information attached hereto as Exhibit A. The services to be provided would include:
    • Conceptual plans that are based on the latest developments in cooperative working space design. As illustrations only, examples would be Launch Fishers in Fishers, Indiana; Speakeasy in Broad Ripple, Indiana; and Matchbox in Lafayette, Indiana.
    • Plans and documents to be used in the bidding for construction of the project.
    • Assistance with selection and/or design of furniture, fixtures and equipment.
    • Participation in the review of bids and selection of construction company.
    • Oversight and inspections during construction and approval of the completed project for acceptance.
    • Participation in zoning approvals, historic preservation commission approvals, and similar approval and permitting processes.
    • Coordination with City’s consultants on The Trades District development to include review of other projects for overall compatibility with Trades District design goals and standards.
    • Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and similar requirements.
    • Energy efficiency and sustainability consultation and advice.
  2. The site of the renovation is 335 W. 11th Street, Bloomington, IN 47401 (the “Dimension Mill”).
  3. The tentative schedule for the project is as follows:
    • October 3– Solicit proposals from architects.
    • October 24 – Proposals due from architects.
    • November 7th and later – interviews of finalists.
    • November 21 – recommendation to Redevelopment Commission of selected architect.


  1. Estimated Budget. The preliminary estimated budget for the renovation project is $3 million.


  1. PROPERTY INSPECTION. All interested parties should contact Alex Crowley, Director of Economic and Sustainable Development, City of Bloomington, Indiana, at (812) 349-3477 to schedule a time to view and inspect the building and property.


  1. ASSOCIATION WITH LOCAL ARCHITECT. In the event that an Architect does not have an active practice in Bloomington, Indiana, the architect would be expected to create a cooperative relationship with a local architect with an active practice in Bloomington, Indiana, for the performance of the services hereunder.


  1. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION. Three (3) paper copies of the proposal and a usb flash drive with a copy of the proposal shall be addressed and delivered in a sealed envelope to BEDC, 1720 North Kinser Pike, Bloomington, IN  47401, Attn: Anne McCombe, Project Assistant.  Proposals will be received until 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)  on October 24, 2016. Any bid received after that time and date will not be opened or considered, and will be returned to the bidder.


  1. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS. Each Architect submitting a proposal should include, but not be limited to, the following information:


  1. The name of the firm and location of all its offices, specifically indicating the principal place of business.


  1. A brief history of the firm and the range of services offered.


  1. The age of the firm, the total number of years of experience providing architectural services for historic renovation projects as described herein over the past five (5) years.


  1. A Management Plan that provides at least the following information: (The Management Plan should be concise yet contain sufficient information for evaluation.)


  1. The education, training, experience, licensing, and qualifications of members of the firm and key employees for these projects, including the individuals responsible for the performance of the work described herein. Include an organization chart.


  1. How the firm intends to manage their responsibilities and provide energy modeling, value engineering for life cycle costs, cost control, risk identification, and risk mitigation.


  1. Proposed project production schedule showing critical dates and other information in sufficient detail for the selection committee to determine the feasibility of the time frames indicated.


  1. The experience, qualifications, and expertise of the firm with these types of projects (the design services for cooperative working spaces and historic property renovation.) This should include the firm’s experience with managing community relations and advancing innovative ideas.  It should include information on the firm’s technical capabilities and ability to timely perform the services as reflected by the firm’s current and projected workload and having adequate personnel, equipment, and facilities.


  1. The plan should also clearly identify the Architect’s methods for providing the following:
    • Comprehensive architectural services for the project described herein.
    • Deliverables review and approval by the BEDC and other relevant stakeholders at various stages of project development.
    • Construction administration (not construction management).
    • Analysis and consultation with the BEDC and other relevant stakeholders in the determination of the best construction delivery method for this project.
    • Indicate all firms or individuals the firm anticipates to utilize to provide engineering, landscaping, interior design, acoustic engineering, lighting design and any other services required.
  2. Financial proposals regarding the architectural and engineering costs and fees for the professional services to be provided to the BEDC. Provide a statement of Fee Compensation based on a percentage of the total budgeted construction cost or on a flat fee basis.  Fees for certain activities can be quoted separately such as for coordination with consultants described in 1 A.
  3. The names of at least three (3) clients who may be contacted for references.
  4. Indicate the present level of professional and general liability and other insurance coverage for the firm.
  5. Include illustrative drawings of floor plans of similar type projects the firm has designed, if any, along with renderings and/or photographs of completed projects. Include any other information that would aid in the evaluation of the designs, such as costs, durability, energy efficiency, etc. The format should be 8/5 X 11 and only include enough material to be illustrative, not complete sets of drawings.
  6. Accessibility of the Architect personnel to the BEDC.
  7. List and describe any litigation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution proceedings the Architect has been involved in with an owner within the past five (5) years.
  8. List and describe any actions taken by any regulatory agency against the Architect or its agents or employees with respect to any work performed.
  9. Provide any other pertinent information regarding qualifications and performance data requested by the BEDC.
  10. To be considered responsive to the requirements of this RFP, the Architect shall provide verifiable evidence that the firm, personnel, and associated consultants are appropriately licensed in the State of Indiana and meet all the requirements and qualifications described herein. The BEDC reserves the right to request additional information which, in its sole opinion, is necessary to assure that the Architect’s competence, business organization, and financial resources are adequate to perform the work described herein.
  11. Provide a list of projects currently under contract.


  1. EVALUATION CRITERIA AND SELECTION. BEDC will evaluate each RFP submitted based on responsiveness to the project’s needs. The BEDC will take into account the estimated value, the project scope and complexity, as well as the professional nature of the services to be rendered.  If the BEDC recommends the award of a contract, the BEDC will recommend the award of contract to the Architect who is responsive to all administrative and technical requirements of the RFP, who has demonstrated competence and qualifications of the type of services required, and who receives the highest rating based upon the competence and professional qualifications to perform the services required.  Evaluation criteria shall also include:


  1. Competence to perform the services as reflected by technical training and education, general experience, experience in providing the required services, and the qualifications and competence of persons who would be assigned to perform the services.
  2. Ability to perform the services as reflected by workload and the availability of adequate personnel, financial resources, equipment, and facilities to perform the services expeditiously.
  3. Past performance as reflected by the evaluation of others who have retained the services of the Architect with respect to factors such as control of costs, quality of work, and an ability to meet deadlines.
  4. Experience, qualifications, and ability to perform cooperative work space design and construction services and historic renovations.
  5. Personnel accessibility of architectural firm to the BEDC.
  6. Experience with the various delivery methods of construction.
  7. Costs, durability, energy efficiency, and educational benefits of prior designs.
  8. Interview presentation.


  1. The BEDC anticipates interviewing 3 Architects evaluated as being professionally and technically qualified. The purpose of the interview is to allow the architectural firm to present its qualifications, experience, education, training, past performance, etc., in regards to the professional services to be provided for the project. Interviews will also provide an opportunity for the BEDC to seek clarifications from the Architect. Architects selected for an interview  will be notified of the date, time, and place of the interview. Interviews are tentatively scheduled to take place the weeks of November 7th and 14th. The BEDC anticipates making a final recommendation to the Redevelopment Commission on November 21st, 2016


  1. The BEDC, City of Bloomington, Indiana (“City”) or a commission of the City, will negotiate the terms of a contract with any selected Architect. If an agreement is reached, the Contractor will enter into a written contract and will perform all work pursuant to that contract. The Proposal does not constitute an agreement or contract with the BEDC, the City of Bloomington, Indiana, or any other entity, and they reserve the right to not enter into any agreement with any Architect. The proposed terms and conditions of the contract shall be as provided in AIA Document B101-2007 and AIA Document A201-2007, AS AMENDED, or as otherwise required by BEDC, the City or a commission of the City.



All terms and conditions are subject to further negotiation.   BEDC reserves the right to require bidding of any work to be subcontracted by Architect, according to a competitive bidding process determined by BEDC.


  1. BONDS AND INSURANCE. The Architect shall procure and maintain bonds and insurance as required by law or the contract documents.


  1. IDENTIFICATION OF PROPOSAL. Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the Architect’s name, address, and telephone number clearly marked on the cover. The lower left corner of the sealed envelope should read as follows: “PROPOSAL FOR ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES.”


  1. By submitting a proposal, the Architect agrees to waive any claim it has, or may have, against BEDC, the City of Bloomington, the Redevelopment Commission of the City of Bloomington and its agents or representatives, and their respective employees, arising out of, or in connection with, the administration, evaluation, or recommendation of any proposal; waiver of any requirements under the proposal documents or the contract documents; acceptance or rejection of any proposals; and award of the contract.


  1. WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSAL. A request to withdraw a proposal must be made in writing and filed with the Project Assistant prior to the time set for the opening of proposals. No proposal may be withdrawn following the opening of proposals.


  1. OPENING OF PROPOSALS. Proposals will be opened on October 24, 2016 and, or as soon as possible thereafter, in the meeting room of BEDC beginning at 3:00 P.M. All Architects and interested parties are welcome to participate.


  1. DISQUALIFICATION OF BIDDERS. Architects may be disqualified


and their proposals disregarded for reasons which include but are not limited to the following:


  1. BEDC has reason to believe that the Architects have engaged in collusion.
  2. The Architect being interested in any litigation against any party to the proposal.
  3. The Architect is in arrears on any existing contract or has defaulted on a previous contract.
  4. The Architect has uncompleted work which, in the judgment of BEDC, will prevent or hinder the prompt completion of this construction project, if it were awarded to the Architect.
  5. Other appropriate reason as determined by BEDC.


  1. NON-RESPONSIVE PROPOSALS. An Architect that fails to respond to any request for information may be deemed non-responsive and its proposal may not be considered for the award.


  1. Submission of a proposal in response to this RFP is certification that you, your company, and any subcontractor is not currently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or otherwise excluded from submitting proposals to any State or Federal department or agency or any political subdivision of the State of Indiana.


  1. REJECTION OF PROPOSALS/TERMINATION OF PROCESS. BEDC reserves the right (a) to terminate the proposal process at any time; (b) to reject any or all proposals; (c) to change the schedule and dates for responses, interviews and other dates; and (c) to waive formalities and minor irregularities in the proposals received. BEDC further reserves the right to conduct a pre-award survey of any firm under consideration to confirm any of the information furnished by the firm or to require other evidence of managerial, financial, technical and other capabilities, the positive establishment of which is determined by BEDC to be necessary for the successful performance of the contract. BEDC further reserves the right to cancel or amend this RFP at any time and will attempt to notify recipients accordingly.


  1. PUBLIC RECORDS. Architect acknowledges by submitting a proposal that any and all information may be subject to the Public Records law of Indiana.


  1. Submit all questions, inquiries, or requests for clarification about the project in writing to Anne McCombe, Project Assistant, BEDC, 1720 North Kinser Pike, Suite 001, Bloomington IN, 47404.



Dated this 3rd day of October, 2016.


Exhibit A