Bloomington, Indiana (December 17, 2012) – Metaugus, an FDA registered custom product development and contract manufacturing company, recently opened a new division in Bloomington, Indiana; the Natural Products Research Institute (Metaugus NPRI).

The new research institute in Bloomington will serve as the primary research front in Metaugus’ continuing efforts to bring novel compounds, process ready solutions and custom special delivery systems to market. Metaugus NPRI will focus on nutritional chemistry.

“Bloomington is proving to be a great location for the NPRI. The healthy lifestyle, environmentally conscious nature of the community, and vibrant biotechnical community make Bloomington an ideal location to foster growth of the NPRI,” said Dr. Nathan Gould, NPRI Director.  “Furthermore, being able to recruit highly talented employees has proven invaluable to starting the NPRI with a bang,” expressed Gould.

The parent company, located in Northwest Georgia, has gained unsurpassed experience in the contract manufacturing industry over the last 25 years. Metaugus creates nutritional products using state of the art technology guided by a continued commitment to excellence and first class product development expertise. Metaugus NPRI will employ the same cutting-edge spirit at the new Bloomington location.

“Our community is thrilled that Metaugus chose to establish NPRI in Bloomington,” said Ron Walker, President of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC).  “The work performed and talent employed at Metaugus NPRI will strengthen and diversify the growing research and development subset of our nationally recognized life sciences cluster,” said Walker.  Dr. Gould will introduce the NPRI at the next BEDC meeting this December.

The opening of the NPRI stands as a long-time dream realized for the founder of Metaugus. “The NPRI will allow us to bring a strong scientific arsenal to bear on the field of nutritional chemistry. We look forward to fostering a rich relationship with Bloomington, Indiana University and the local business community,” said owner and CEO of Metaugus, Jay Connaughton.

About Metaugus NPRI, Inc.

Metaugus serves multiple industries including, but not limited to the chemical, nutritional, and flavor and fragrance industries. Metaugus has over 20 years operating experience as manufacturers of virtually every type of chemical commodity and consumable imaginable. The NPRI division of Metaugus is focusing on the dynamic and rapidly changing field of nutritional chemistry.

About BEDC

The BEDC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the retention, development and attraction of quality jobs in Monroe County.  The BEDC is funded through memberships and grants from private industry, the City of Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College–Bloomington.  For more information go to

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