Your Membership

Why Join the BEDC?


The BEDC consists of business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and elected officials working to improve the economic vitality of our community and increase opportunities for high quality jobs. Your membership means you understand the significance of our economic development efforts, and look to assist the BEDC in improving Bloomington and Monroe County’s competitive position in the global economy. We rely on support from our members to continue to carry forth this mission.


Sponsor Member Level ($5,250 annually)

Membership Value-Adds:


  • Seat at monthly BEDC board meetings
  • Networking with community leaders
  • Voting privileges
  • Individualized economic impact reports
  • Eligibility for officer positions
  • Attendance at annual member meeting
  • Attendance at the State of the Bloomington Regional Economy address
  • Monthly BEDC reports
  • Community and regional information

General Member Level ($1,050 annually)

Membership Value-Adds:


  • Attendance at four special meetings annually
  • Networking with community leaders
  • Monthly BEDC reports and press releases
  • Community and regional information


For questions on membership, please email Marilyn Skirvin at