BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Hidden and silent no longer! The growing ranks of Southern Indiana game developers are stepping out of the shadows of their development spaces in basements, bedrooms, and classrooms to converge on Bloomington for a first ever Southern Indiana Independent Game Night conference. 

The conference is an open invitation, no cost, get-together for game developers of all kinds. At the event, game developers will get a chance to network, show off finished games and works in progress, and play a wide-variety of other people’s games. Studio Cypher, a Bloomington-based game development company, and SproutBox, a Bloomington-based business startup incubator, are hosting the event that will take place on December 3rd at the SproutBox Offices at 400 W 7th St #200 Bloomington, IN from 7-9.

Nathan Mishler, one of three associated developers in Studio Cypher, says “You don’t have to be on the east or west coast to make a living making games. We are going to have a huge concentration of game-making raw talent in the room to share game creation and business development concepts.”

In the five years since Studio Cypher’s founding, Studio Cypher has created games for national clients such as the Chicago Field Museum and Scholastic, as well as local projects such as Lotus cARTography, run by Studio Cypher ran at the Lotus World Music Festival in 2010. The Studio Cypher team sees the key to connecting to clients in the future will be both Internet-based and live networking. There are many game developers in southern Indiana but they have few opportunities to connect to and chat with their peers. To this end Nathan Mishler went on to say, “It doesn’t matter if your game is a prototype board game, an unfinished PC game, or a recently released iPhone game, we want you to join us!

If you would like to attend, there is no fee or obligation. Simply RSVP to Nathan Mishler at by Monday, November 29th.

(Via Studio Cypher Press Release)