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INDIANAPOLIS—–Indianapolis International Airport was recognized today by Airports Council International (ACI) as part of their prestigious annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards for performance excellence.

ACI named Indianapolis International Airport North America’s best regional airport, a recognition it shares with five other airports from the following regions:

– Latin America (Cancun)
– Africa (Cape Town)
– Middle East (Dubai)
– Europe (Malta)
– Asia-Pacific (Seoul Incheon)

Indianapolis was also named among North America’s best airports serving less than 15 million passengers a year, placing third behind Nagoya International Airport and Hyderabad International Airport.

“We are honored to have received this outstanding recognition,’’ said John D. Clark, III, executive director & CEO of the Indianapolis Airport Authority. ‘‘I have long believed that Indianapolis International is one of the best airport’s in the world and this award confirms that in the eyes of the aviation and airline industry.’’

Clark noted the recognition provides important benchmarking data and tools to help airports continuously improve the quality of the services they provide, including real-time feedback on the total passenger experience, from the moment of arrival to departure.

‘The data shows us how Indianapolis compares to our peers and competitors, providing valuable business intelligence about how we proceed with new projects and implementing the goals outlined in our five-year strategic plan,’’ added Clark.

In 2010, ACI-NA oversaw the administration of 300,000 passenger surveys at participating airports around the world. These surveys served as the basis for determining the top five
performers in each of several categories:

– Worldwide
– By size (i.e., number of passengers served in six size categories)
– By region (six regional categories)
– Most improved (by region)

The world’s top airport is Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea. Incheon has taken the honor for six consecutive years. Other airports in the Asia-Pacific region also were
high performers.

‘‘Airports vie for passenger loyalty as they seek to attract new routes and air service,’’ reported Angela Gittens, ACI’s director general. ‘‘Worldwide competition has heightened the importance of service quality at airport’s today.’’

Added Craig Bradbrook, ACI’s programme director, ‘‘It shows what is possible when all companies and staff at an airport work together with a shared vision and commitment to provide an excellent customer experience.’’

Gittens and Bradbrook offered their comments in a separate news release issued by ACI earlier today. The complete release is available at under ‘‘Press Releases.’’

Source: Indianapolis Airport Authority