Bloomington ranked 29th out of 483 medium size cities (cities with a population between 50,000-99,999) in the Brainpower index rankings completed by The Business Journals On Numbers. Other Indiana cities that appeared in the top 100 were Carmel (22nd) and Fishers (39th).

Using the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data, cities were ranked according to the percentage of adults who had achieved certain educational degrees, including attainment of a high school diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and graduate and/or professional degree. The point value of each educational level was determined by the relative earning power of people at that level.

According to the US Census Bureau, Bloomington has a high level of educational attainment. Approximately 26% of the City’s population has a bachelor’s degree and 30% has a graduate and/or professional degree. These percentages led to a Brainpower index of 20.958. The top performers, Bethesda, MD and Palo Alto, CA, scored 38.303 and 36.622 respectively.

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