Natural Products Analytics GroupNatural Products Analytics Group obtained the prestigious ISO 17025:2005 ACLASS accreditation for testing laboratories. With an accredited quality management system in place NPAG will be able to provide top notch analytical testing services, method development and quality control improvements.

Bloomington, IN – Natural Products Analytics Group (NPAG), has received ISO 17025:2005 accreditation for testing laboratories, the highest standard for regulatory compliance and Quality Management Systems. With this achievement NPAG will be able to ensure that all its analytical services will adhere to the stringent guidelines put forth in the standard.

NPAG provides analytical testing for active constituents, testing for contaminant or incidental constituents and analytical services for identity testing. Other services include method development and method validation with strict adherence to the quality management system in place at NPAG. With the Quality Management system in place NPAG can provide product defect investigation, raw material verification and deformulation (reverse engineering) per regulatory requirements.

Suppliers/customers can be confident that the strict quality control measures in place at NPAG, along with ISO certification, will facilitate accurate and precise analytical results. The staff of full time PhD scientists at Natural Products Analytics Group is poised to meet any customer request or demand, and is setting the precedent for quantitative analyses.

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