On June 3rd BEDC partnered with The Mill and The Herald-Times to host a reception for over 150 individuals from the Top 17 companies that were voted Best Places to Work in Bloomington. 

This is the second annual list of Best Places to Work Bloomington. Out of More than 25 submissions, these companies were rated highest among their peers. 

Each company has their employees fill out a survey as well as completing an employer survey. The scores were then combined, the the employee survey being weighted higher , to give each company a final score. 

Bloomington is a great place, but not all great companies are easy to find. 

This list helps ensure that those who want to stay in Bloomington know of all of the opportunities available to them. It also allows Bloomington to showcase itself to people who want to move here, making it easier for them to find great companies and know their options.

On the list, you’ll find the top places to work in Bloomington along with four honorary members – Cook Medical, Hanapin Marketing, Weddle Bros and Oliver Winery – who were names Forbes or Indian Best Places to Work. To view the section in the Herald-Times highlighting the Best Places to Work in Bloomington please click here


  1. Hylant 
  2. IU Credit Union
  3. Mutual Bank
  4. Bailey & Weiler Design/Build
  5. ISU The May Agency
  6. Loren Wood Builders
  7. Bill C Brown Associates
  8. Hoosier Hills Food Bank
  9. Commercial Service
  10. Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. 
  11. John Bethell Title Company, Inc.
  12. Cornerstone Information Systems
  13. LRAP Association


Honorary Members

  1. Cook Medical
  2. Hanapin Marketing
  3. Weddle Bros Construction
  4. Oliver Winery


Congrats to these awesome companies!