FormAssembly & Hanapin Marketing, two Bloomington based tech companies have joined the ranks of INC’s top 5000 companies in 2018.  FormAssembly, a form-building, data collection and management company saw a 273% growth rate in the past three years, making them the 17th fastest growing company in Indiana. From a press release on the company’s website, Founder & CEO Cedric Savarese explains: “FormAssembly has thrived by allowing organizations to focus on their business, while we focus on their data. It’s this commitment to our mission of helping enterprises become better stewards of their customers’ data that will ensure our sustained growth into the future.”  Among FormAssembly’s notable list of clients are Amazon, Aetna, Lenovo, Volvo and Harvard University.

Hanapin Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency led by CEO Pat East has made the INC 5000 again this year, as it has done for the past four years.  Hanapin’s “Research, Test, Learn, Scale” model has driven incredible client success stories, with clients as diverse as Highlights, The Weather Channel & Icelandair. This ability to provide solutions for such a wide variety of brands has helped the agency grow 10x in these past five years.  Their unwavering commitment to their clients and company culture has netted them six straight “Best Place to Work” in Indiana awards, as well as two Ad Age “Best Places to Work” awards in 2016 & 2017.

Hanapin’s CEO, Pat East is now executive director of the Dimension Mill. Opening in late fall of 2018, The Mill, is a 19,000 square foot facility of coworking and business incubator space. This space promises to provide a home for Bloomington’s startup community and continue to foster Bloomington’s tech boom.  Bloomington is proud to be home to such outwardly visible technology companies, and the prominence of corporations like FormAssembly and Hanapin Marketing is helping other startups to realize Bloomington as the tech hub it is fast becoming.